Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Are Practices and Games?

 U-9 and above will practice twice a week. U-6, U-7 and U-8 will only practice once a week. Each practice is only for 60 minutes. Although U-5 & 6 will only play on Saturdays, games for the remainder of the Region will be played Friday nights and all day Saturday (including nights).

2. When and Where are the Practices?

Since this is a volunteer run organization, we will allow the coaches to determine the days and times of their team’s practices.  The practices can be any day Monday through Friday and can be from 4pm – 7pm for U5 & 6 and can go as late as 8pm for U7 and above. If you must have practice on a specific day and time, we invite you to consider coaching.

3. What Does The Registration Fee Include?

Registration Fees Include the following: complete uniform (socks, jersey, shorts), supplemental accident insurance, participation awards, team and individual pictures, coach equipment, field equipment, referee equipment, field expenses (lights, paint, city field fees) and training for all volunteers.

 4. When does the season run?

Spring season runs from March – May

5. How can I make sure that my child plays with his/her friends?

We do not take any request for players or coaches.  One of our philosophies is balanced teams.  In order for us to be able to accomplish this, we rate each player for divisions U7 and above and do a blind draw when creating teams.  We feel that part of the soccer experience is creating new friendships.

6. What else will my child need?

In addition to the items supplied by the Region, you will need to be sure your child is properly suited to play. This includes shin guards, “soccer” cleats and the age appropriate sized ball. Please also remember there will be team banners, pizza parties and snack duty. The team fund is NOT to exceed $25/player to cover these expenses.

7. I have missed the walk up registration’s, can I still register my child?

Late registration will begin after our last Walk-Up Registration.  Any registration received after January 18 will only be accepted by mail until March 15.  Late registration must include the Registration Fee, 2 signed application from www.eAYSO.org and copy of child’s birth certificate.  The child will be placed on a wait list and the check will be deposited only if the child is placed on a team.  There is no guarantee a child will be placed on a team during late registration.

8. When will players be contacted by coaches?

Coaches will contact the players immediately following the Coaches Meeting.  The board has requested all coaches to have contacted their teams on, or before February 20.  Remember, because of the amount of effort the coach has invested in AYSO, the coach picks the practice day and time.

9. I’ve registered.  Now What Happens?

After Registration Flyer

10. Refunds?

Core Program – To apply for a refund, a written request stating your reason for a refund must be mailed to the following address: AYSO 1398, PO Box 1115, Yorba Linda, CA 92885, Attn: Regional Commissioner. Any such fee shall be refunded in the case of any participant who withdraws prior to the first scheduled practice, less a $25.00 refund processing fee. 50% of fees will be refunded prior to disbursement of player uniform and/or picture day. A 100% refund, is issued to any participant(s) who may have registered for a program, that of which Region 1398 is unable to provide. Refunds are not permitted after the attendance of the first season’s game. All refunds will be issued within 4-6 weeks, after written request has been confirmed received by the Regional Commissioner.

Arsenal Program – Arsenal program fees are non-refundable. Exceptions will be made in the event a team is deemed, by the board of directors, to be unable to participate it’s intended program at no fault of the player requesting the refund.

11. Are there additional fees after the registration fee?

As a recreation team, each team will collect no more than $25 per player for Team Banner, Pizza Parties.  You may also be asked to share in the snack duties for the team.  For our Arsenal teams, each player will be asked for $100 to cover cost of tournaments and additional supplies needed.

12. How can I/my company sponsor the region or my team?

We are always looking for sponsors for both the region and individual teams.  As a team sponsor, 1/2 of the sponsor will go to the team and the other half to the region.  When a team gets a sponsor, this will help with parties and banner cost and keep the cost per player down or eliminate it all together.  For sponsors of $150 or more, you will receive a plaque with the team picture.  For $250 or more, we will put your business name/logo on our website front page for that season.  For regional sponsors, please contact our Regional Commissioner at RC@AYSO1398.org.

13. Can I bring my dogs to practices and/or games?

NO!!! No dogs are allowed at the field during games or practice.  While we do understand that you are at a public park or school, the cities and school districts have permitted AYSO to use the field and to allow us to enforce our NO DOGS POLICY.  If we see them, we will ask that you remove them.

14. My daughter just got her ears pierced; can we just put a band-aid or tape over them instead of removing them?

NO!! No jewelry is to be worn during practice or at games.  You will need to remove the earrings along with any other jewelry or she can not play.

15. We were contacted by our coach with the practice time and location and it does not work for us.  Can we get moved to another team?

NO!! If the practice does not work for you, you can request a refund or be placed on a wait list.  Please do note that you will not be guaranteed a spot on a team if moved to the wait list and can not be moved back to the same team if another spot does not open up.  If you request a refund, please be aware of the deadline dates and fees.

16. How can I sign up to coach my child?

If you would like to coach or assistant coach for your child’s team, please contact our coach admin at coachadmin@ayso1398.org.

17. Is there any training available if I want to be a coach?

Yes.  We require that all coaches attend a coaches training course to fit their age division prior to receiving their team information.  Please contact coachadmin@ayso1398.org for more information.

18. Can I pay by Credit Card at the walk up registrations?

No. At this time we are only accepting cash or checks for registration fees.

19. We will not be able to make it to picture day.  What can we do?

We do our best to schedule picture days far enough out to allow people enough time to plan to attend.  While we may have a make up picture day, we can not guarantee that we will have one.  The rest of the team is required to attend the picture day taking both individual and team pictures.  If we do have a make-up day, it will be for individual photos only.

20. How do I know what division my child will be playing in?

Please view our Divisional Age Chart to determine the correct division. Please be aware that no child will be able to play down regardless of experience. For our VIP program, there is no age divisions.

If your question is not answered here, please contact your divisional commissioner to advise or send an e-mail to info@ayso1398.org.