Spring Registration is Now OPEN

How To Register using ayso.bluesombrero.com/region1398

Registration is now Open for Spring 2018. Our registration system has changed, Please Do Not Use eAYSO to register.  To register you will need to create an account with ayso.bluesombrero.com/region1398 You may also click the link below to be taken to our new site. 

1. Create your new “family” account. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, User Name and Password.

2. Then select the Option that best describes what you intend to Register for… If you will be registering a player, registering as a Volunteer only, or Registering yourself as a Player.

3. Next fill in the required information for your account, fields with a red asterisk (*) indicates required information.

4. Add additional account holders. Add a secondary account holder such as a Guardian or Spouse, they will then also have access to the account. They will utilize their own Login information but will have visibility to the player’s in the account

This is recommended for users that will be adding participants. 

The second account holder is also notified on schedules and region emails specific to the programs where the participants are registered.

5. Add your players. These participants will be associated with your family’s account.

6. The divisions and programs listed are based on the eligibility of the player according to the Age (Birthdate).

7. Select one of the available programs that you wish to register your participant to.

8. Complete the registration questions/form for each selected program, fields with a red asterisk (*) indicates required information.

9. You must e-Sign each form, for each participant and Program selected.

10. Complete the program specific participant questions. For each participant and program selected, fields with a red asterisk (*) indicates required information.

11. e-Sign the form for each selected program. Select the “Click Here to eSign Form”


13. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select the “Continue to Review” button.

14. Review the form is correct.

15. Print the Form.

16. Submit the Completed and Reviewed Form.

*** Continue the same process for any additional participants / Programs. ***