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Welcome to the Fall 2017 Season

We are in Section 11, Area Q, Region 1398

Please remember that every Summer all volunteers must renew their registration forms via the BlueSombrero system (we no longer use eAYSO) in order to participate in referee activities. You must create a new account (if you do not have one). Create a separate account for a youth volunteer (do not attach to yours). Then sign up as a volunteer (middle icon) -> current membership year (MY17) and choose the referee (or youth referee) role. You will neeed your SSN, DL number and two references. All adults will also need to consent to a background check. The registration process will be complete when you see this:

What is New

There are MANY changes this Fall 2017 (systems, laws, league rules)


  • NEW: No more eAYSO – we now use BlueSombrero for volunteer registration and AYSOU for training (new separate accounts must be created for all volunteers)
  • NEW: No Referee in 8U and below
  • NEW: No deliberate goalkeeper punts or heading in 12U and below [click for details]
  • NEW: Build-Out-Line (BOL) in 9U and 10U; changes to offside, goalkick, and goalkeeper releasing the ball in active play [click for details] [9.5 min video]
  • NEW: 2017/2018 Laws of the Game modifications by IFAB [click for details]
  • 2016/2017 LAWS OF THE GAME MODIFICATIONS – AYSO SUMMARY [click for details]

Quick Links:


Self-Scheduling* Web Site Guidelines Reports Resources
Region 11/Q/1398 (10U) Region Regional


Matchtrak–My Games–Completed–Match Report The Laws of  the Game (LOTG)

Build-out line video (9.5 min.)

Referee Signals (USSF)

AR  Signals (USSF)


Referee  Points System

Area Q Playoffs**

Matchtrak–My Games–Completed–Match Report

AYSO Referee Resources

AYSO National Rules and Regulations (NRR)

USSF  Instructional Videos and Resources
Section 11 (Cross-Area ) Games** Section National Matchtrak–My Games–Completed–Match Report

*) If you have problems with accessing the schedules or if you need to be taken off of a game please contact the Referee Scheduler, Pawel (Pavel) Kalczynski at

**) Area, extra, and section games are available to senior referees only. Please contact our RRA, John Castreje at if you want to become a senior referee.


ALL REFEREES Please join our region’s referee e-mail group to receive notifications about Region 1398 games.
SENIOR REFEREES Please join our region’s senior referee e-mail group to receive notifications about Area and Section games.
YOUTH REFEREES Please join our region’s youth referee e-mail group to receive notifications about youth referee development.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do I become a referee?

The process takes several steps to complete: Online Training – Safe Haven Training – Onsite Training & Examination – Regional Referee Badge – RRA’s Approval – Invitation Email – First-Time Login Procedure.

Check the AYSOU website for the list of available referee courses in your area.

I need referee gear – who do I contact?

Please contact our RRA, John Castreje at if you need referee gear. Currently, we provide a yellow jersey, pair of socks, whistle, cards, flags, coin, and referee match report to all referees who signed up for at least one game in the current season. You will need to purchase black shorts, predominantly black shoes, and a timer (watch).

How do I sign-up for games?

Use the links in the “Self-Scheduling” column in the “Quick Links” section above to access the self-scheduling system for the Region, Area, or Section. Note that, only senior referees are allowed to officiate Area and Section games. If this is the first time you log in to any system, please make sure to change your password. If you can’t see any games, you probably did not renew your membership for the current membership year or there are no games available.

Are there any additional sign-up restrictions?

Currently, the system offers the maximum-age restriction for each position (REF or AR) and players’ gender (Boys, Girls). Referees who sign up in advance must be neutral. This means that referees are not permitted to sign up in advance for games in their child’s division (e.g. G10 if you have a daughter, niece, sister, etc. in G10). Also, referees are not permitted to sign up in advance for games coached by their parents, spouses, siblings, etc.

Referees may, however, step in to help if there are no other neutral referees available and then sign-up for the game after the fact to receive credit. Generally, all new referees are given a 10U access. We recommend that new referees complete some 10U games (especially B10 games) as assistant referees prior to assuming the REF position.

I see an open spot on a 10U game but the system tells me that I am ineligible to sign up. Why ?

Please check the game league. If it is an Area or Extra game, you must be on our “senior” list in order to be able to sign up in advance. Keep in mind that you may always step in to help if you are at the game and there is a shortage (even if you have a child/relative on the team).

How do I check how many referee points I have?

The Matchtrak system tracks referee points automatically. Team points are determined at the end of the season based on the referees’ affiliations with teams. Do not wait until the end of the season to get points for your team. Usually there are no open spots at the end of the season but there are plenty at the beginning of the season.

I had misconduct, irresponsible behavior of bench personnel / spectator, or another major issue (severe injury, safety) during my game. What should I do?

Please us the Matchtrak post-game report [Matchtrak–My Games–Completed–Match Report] to report any major issues (e.g. cautions, send-offs, expulsions, severe injuries, field safety). Please note that misconduct reports must be completed within 24 hours after the game.

I want to learn more about the Laws of the Game and National / Area / Regional Guidelines. Where should I begin?

Please check the “Quick Links” section above for “Resources.” You may also talk to any of our referee advisors on the field or e-mail with questions. Our Intermediate Referees will be also glad to help. The recommended reading is:

(1) IFAB Laws of the Game (with the attached “Practical Guidelines”)

(2) AYSO National (Area, Regional) Guidelines,

How do I get on the Senior Referee list and get access to Area Q and Section 11 Games?

Senior referees represent our Region in our Area and Section. They need to know the Laws of the Game and Area Guidelines very well. Excellent game-management skills are also required. The decision to put a referee on the senior list is made by the ARA (Area Referee Administrator) upon the recommendation of our regional referee administrator. Senior referees have access to all Area Q games outside of the region.

The normal process for regional referees to be added to the “senior” list is as follows: Regional Referee Badge – Practice & Working with Referee Mentors – Informal Observation –  RRA’s Approval – RRA’s Recommendation – ARA’s Decision.

Referees who become intermediate candidates (take the intermediate training and pass the intermediate law exam with the score of 95% or higher) will be immediately recommended for an addition to the senior list so they can start working on their game count.

How can I upgrade my Regional badge to Intermediate?

The process in a nutshell is: Regional Referee Badge – Practice & Working with Mentors – RRA’s Recommendation – Intermediate Referee Training & Exam – Formal Observation – Required Minimum Number of Games – RRA’s Approval – ARA’s Approval – Intermediate Referee Badge.

Check the AYSOU website for the list of available referee courses in your area.

Want some personalized help?

Need a little help or are you preparing for an assessment to upgrade your badge? Request a mentor to help you. The Area Q Referee Mentor program is where you can obtain some feedback on your game in an informal mentoring session.

It’s simple to request a mentor. When you reserve your game in Matchtrak, just click the radio button which says “Request a Mentor”. This will email our mentor crew and they will sign up for the game in Matchtrak as well. You can do this for either CR or AR positions – wherever you feel you need some help.”

If you have any questions, please contact our RRA, John Castreje at

Please report any problems with the content of the Referee Corner Web site to Pawel (Pavel) Kalczynski at